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Company policy

     Integrated Management System Policy

Our aim is to guide all actions connected with quality of products to fulfil Clients needs and requirements.

Clients’ satisfaction is the measure of quality of our products.

Taking actions aimed at improvement of quality has a priority status for us and we all are dedicated to those actions.

Achievement of planned quality results is realized by implementation and continuous development of Quality Management System according to ISO 9001:2000 standard.

While pursuing achievement of highest quality of our products (services) we also want to minimize negative impact on natural environment.

We will achieve it through:
  • Obeying all laws and other rules regarding Conservation of Nature
  • Preventing emission of pollution to natural environment.
  • Acting in organized manner basing on implemented and continuously developed ENVIRONMENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM according to ISO 14001 standards.

This policy is known and realized by all of our employees and also it is available for interested third parties.

Safe and ergonomic work conditions for whole staff are one of Management Board’s key targets. In accordance with those assumptions management puts SAFETY AND HYGIENE OF WORK MANAGEMENT SYSTEM on same level as other requirements according to PN-N 18001:2004 standard.

With reference to above we:
  • Ensure compliance of our actions with laws, standards and other requirements regarding WORK SAFETY.
  • We use technological progress, work organization solutions, our knowledge and experience while implementing new technologies improving safety and convenience of work.

Through identified material parameters of work environment we pursue decrease of accidents and occupational diseases and restrain of occupational risk to admissible levels.

We declare active participation of all employees in all actions aimed at improvement of safety and hygiene on work places.

By integration of SYSTEM MANAGEMET we continuously develop SAFETY AND HYGIENE OF WORK MANAGEMENT SYSTEM based on PN-EN 18001:2004 standard.

According to this policy whole staff is obligated to obey and develop SAFETY AND HYGIENE OF WORK MANAGEMENT SYSTEM which is aimed at providing SAFETY and HYGIENE of WORK on all work places.

Company’s policy regarding quality, conservation of nature and work safety was communicated to employees of NARMOD Sp. z o.o. and to general public on our website.

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